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This is a secret place. No-one comes here. Not after dark.

18 Nov 2020Added: 3D Anaglyph photos. Updated: Blue Plaques. x.3.29.620201811_2201
15 Nov 2020Added: 360 Panoramic and 3D shots of Hob Hey Wood. x.3.29.620201511_2143
09 Nov 2020Updated: Org. Chart on 'About us' page and Blue plaques. x.3.29.620201109_2110
07 Nov 2020Added: Drawings to famous faces pagex.3.29.620201107_1500
11 Oct 2020Added: castle park gigapixel; more panoramas, 3D photos and a blue plaques storymapx.3.29.620201023_2145
24 Oct 2020Added: Lady Heyes panoramic photosx.3.29.620201023_2145
23 Oct 2020Added: postcards banner and photosx.3.29.620201023_2145
18 Oct 2020Added: two Binuaral recordings. Flushed all pagesx.3.29.620201018_1806
16 Oct 2020Added: 'site' page and team photos to 'us' pagex.3.29.620201017_1542
15 Oct 2020Added: Downloads page under informationx.3.29.620201012_2200
14 Oct 2020Added: Automated host backup via multcloud to separate cloud storagex.3.29.620201012_2200
12 Oct 2020Added: 3D picturesx.3.29.620201012_2200
10 Oct 2020Addded: Panorama and gigapixel imagesx.3.29.620201010_0000
03 Oct 2020Updated: menu and added some key site markers to main page.x.3.29.620201003_1436
11 Sept 2020Added: Page bannersx.3.29.620200911_0241
05 Sept 2020Updated: menu. Added Storyville code. Added more Frodsham websites.x.3.29.620200905_1610
30 Aug 2020Added: 180 panorama and 360 equirectangular picturesx.3.29.620200903_2200
31 Aug 2020Updated: Menu re-organisationx.3.29.620200903_1736
31 Aug 2020Removed: Javascript 3D and css from B&W pagex.3.29.620200903_1736
22 Aug 2020Updated: index front screen carouselx.3.29.620200903_1741
23 Aug 2020Added: Javascript B&W rotation and css classes.x.3.29.620200903_1736

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