Famous People of Frodsham

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  • Anyone we know come from Frodsham?

    Some famous people who were born or lived in Frodsham

    Bridge Frodsham (1734–1768)
    was an English actor, born in Frodsham;

    William Charles Cotton (1813–79)
    William introduced beekeeping to New Zealand, was vicar of Frodsham 1859–1879;

    Holbrook Gaskell II (1846–1919)
    A chemical industrialist, he died at his house Erindale in Frodsham;

    Harriet Shaw Weaver (1876–1961)
    Feminist political activist and patron of James Joyce, was born in Frodsham;

    Bob Carolgees (b. 1948)
    1980s TV entertainer, owns a candle shop at the Lady Hayes Craft Centre, near Frodsham;

    Patrick Larley (b. 1951)
    Classical composer, conductor, organist and solo singer, was born in the town;

    Caradog Jones (b. 1962)
    The first Welshman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, lives in Frodsham;

    Paul Marsden (b. 1968)
    Former MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham 1997 to 2005, was born in Frodsham;

    Alice Coote (b. 1968)
    Mezzo-soprano was born in Frodsham;

    Daniel Craig (b. 1968)
    Actor, lived in Frodsham from 1972 to his early teens, at the Ring o' Bells pub where his father was landlord;

    Gary Barlow (b. 1971)
    Singer, pianist, songwriter and producer, was born in Frodsham;

    Emma Cunniffe (b. 1973)
    Emma is a British film, stage and television actress; and

    Djibril Cissé (b. 1981)
    Ex-Liverpool, Sunderland and France footballer, lived in the town as Lord of the Manor of Frodsham.

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