Privacy policy

  • General Information

    Frodsham Pictures does not collect personal information about any individual visitors to this site. We do not require you to login to the site and therefore do not require your email address.

    The webserver supporting the running of this website does collect anonymous usage information using your IP address when you visit this site and that is why we ask for your consent. We do not use your IP address soley for the purpose of counting page hits to identify which of our pages attract the highest views to allow us to improve this site.

    The third-party disqus module which we run on this site stores its own information about your login to disqus - as you may have used disqus as a common service for posting reviews and comments to other websites. We do not have access to any personal data that you record within disqus.

  • Cookies

    We store a cookie to record the data protection consent you gave and to record cloudflare and google data for any of our picture location mapping.

    We include a 'disqus' module on the site that will record a cookie of your logged in status to their account. Any personal information (such as your email or password) used to access disqus services is direct with disqus and is controlled, processed and stored by them and not something we have access to.

  • Analytics

    Our site uses Google analytics to track page views. This is anonymous trend data that we use to improve our site performance and navigation and its for this reason we include a first visit cookie consent request.

  • Email Address

    We do not require your email address, though the disqus module at the footer of each page may require your registration or login. Though this is stored and processed by third-party disqus themselves to which we have no access.