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  • What is Frodsham pictures?

    •   Showcase

      * Frodsham's historic buildings
      * A website of Frodsham's parklands
      * Maintained in Frodsham
      * No annoying adverts
      * No data mining or profiling
    •   What's in a name?

      * 2006 created 'frodsham-pics.co.uk'
      * 2009 renamed 'frodshampictures.co.uk'
      * 2019 renamed 'frodshampictures.com'
      * 2020 UK lockdown halts photography
      * 2021 Interactive maps added
    •   Technical

      * Html5
      * All javascripts served from JSDelivr CDN
      * Images cached on server
      * Ajax advanced menu
      * Smart website preloads

    The website is a privatley funded website. A 'hobby-site' if you will, as a bit of fun. There is no financial gain or aspiration to do so. Hence none of those pop-up annoyances or adverts which would probably do neither of us (or your ad-blocker) any good anyway.

    Of course for those of you who have not visited the wonderful town of Frodsham before, there is no yellow brick road and some paving slaps need fixing, but through this site you will soon discover the sights, sounds and history of our market town.

    Frodsham Pictures street nameplate

    The now defunct Vale Royal Borough Council

  • What is the purpose of Frodsham pictures?

    We aim to showcase the many buildings of Frodsham and the beautiful surrounding parklands and uncover some of its history.

    little planet image of castle park

    Castle Park little planet

  • When did Frodsham Pictures start?

    Frodsham Pictures began in 2004. At least that's the earliest archive on our servers. Back in those early days of broadband, most visitors had download speeds up to 0.5mbps or less. Thus we had to keep the website pictures to 1024px wide, in order to avoid long page-load times. But, as most computer monitors weren't much better in terms of resolution, higher quality picutres didn't make that much difference anyway.

    Frodsham Pictures drawn in the sand

    Sandbed on the South side of the River Weaver near Frodsham back in 2010. This sandy area has since overgrown with reeds.

  • Who owns Frodsham pictures?

    Privately owned. It is a personal site created and maintained by a resident of Frodsham.

    There is no commercial gain from this venture and no free drinks or donations required. For fast 5-star trustpilot websites, we originally had to use Canada and Amsterdam companies with a less venture captial outlook. In 2024 we found a webhost in Cheshire who meets all our criteria, for the right price, and thus we have moved the site back to the North West.

  • The Sandstone Group is a parent domain we use for other web ventures and web development. We use software from the following suppliers, to develop, configure and maintain our website with photo and video media:
    Imagevue; Pixelbay; Unsplash; ACDSee; Affinity; Luminar; Dermandar Ltd; Zume.net; Multcloud; Cloudflare; Blackmagic Design; 'Knight Lab' at Northwestern University; Pingdom; GTMetrix, Nikon, Apple, and Google.

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