About us

  • What is Frodsham pictures?

    Frodsham pictures is a gallery site dedicated to promoting the town of Frodsham through the photographic capture of its historic buildings and parklands.

    We started this site back in 2004 under the domain name of 'frodsham-pics.co.uk'. This was later to become 'frodshampictures.co.uk' in 2009 and then 'frodshampictures.com' in 2020.

  • Who owns Frodsham pictures?

    Frodsham pictures is a privately owned website. There is no commercial gain or profit made from the site.

    We link to local websites if they relate to activites, information services, events, and clubs operating in and around Frodsham.

  • Where is the site hosted?

    Our webhost is headquartered in Canada with our site hosted from a datacentre in Amsterdam. From here, our site is further replicated to cloudflare's 150 servers worldwide including Edinburgh, Manchester and London.

    Technical bit

    Our website now employs the following:

    • Cached pages (updated every 4 hours);
    • Fast page loads with Ajax menues and html5 pushstate;
    • javascript, css and plugins served from JSDelivr;
    • Website preload;
    • Node.js; and
    • Responsive compatibility with all mobile devices and smartTV's.

    Kelsterbach, Germany ('Twinned town' of Frodsham)

    Over the years we have received previous visitor comments from Candada, US, Australia, Germany, Thailand and Sweden, mainly from ex-pats who had grown up in Frodsham or who have (or had) family living in Frodsham.

    We've also had webite visits from Germany. Perhaps from web-surfers in the town of Kelsterbach wanting to know what their twinned-town of Frodsham, UK looks like?

    Not quite the Manchester ship canal.