Marshlands tree garden

Part of 'Secret Frodsham'

Part of the 'Secret Frodsham' campaign to promote vists to areas not known in Frodsham, yet owned by the Town Council, its Trees and their Environs Committee, funded what seemed like a good idea back in 2009. They developed Marsh land at the back of Greenfield lane - on the site of the old gas works - into a pedestrianised woodland area. This included a gravelled pathway through the wood, removed brambles, added seating and planted flowers.

However, the site was too isolated being off the beaten track, down a lonley path hugged by overgrown bramble on one side and the silver fence around the 275kV power sub-station. This pathway is waterlogged, boggy and inaccessible during winter. You can tell you are not in Kansas anymore when the woodland welcome sign says "No tipping please".

Despite the clean up in 2016 by the town council, its lonley location failed to attract anyone other than dog walkers and the signage was eventually removed from the wall of the Devonshire Bakery.

Although no longer advertised, Frodsham Marshlands Tree garden remains a part of
Secret Frodsham - and one of the few areas to escape plans to build 95 townhouses over this marsh land of Frodsham. Our view is that they would probably sink within 30 years!