360 Panoramic

8mb equirectangular pictures

WARNING: Large files. (4-5mb) if viewed over mobile broadband, you may incur data charges.

We have used the following two formats for showing 360 degree photographs of Frodsham:

This is typically a single image photograph usually 4096 or 8192 pixels wide, but can be more. The disadvantage is you have to wait for the full image to download. Many mobile device browsers only have a max_texture_size of 4096 pixels which means the downloading of a single large image can be overkill for them. Whilst we did use 4096 pixel wide images as a compromise between small and large device screens, the quality of trying to cover a full 360 degrees using just 4096 pixels was awful. So we upped the quality to 8192 pixels to get an acceptable level of quality.

This format has a few advantages over equirectangular one that includes progressive loading on demand, multiple levels and resolutions to fit your device's browser display with no size limits. We dynamically render up to 17,000 pixels within 2048 tiles over 6 sides on a cube in which you are placed as a viewer. A bit like a holodeck but with more leaves.