Binaural Recordings

3D Recorded sounds of Frodsham

What is a Binaural recording?

Binaural recording is a method of recording sound that uses two microphones, arranged with the intent to create a 3-D stereo sound sensation for the listener.

This effect is often created using a technique known as "dummy head recording", wherein a mannequin head is outfitted with a microphone in each ear. Binaural recording is intended for replay using Headphones and will not translate properly over stereo speakers.

This idea of a three dimensional or "internal" form of sound has also translated into useful advancement of technology in many things such as stethoscopes creating "in-head" acoustics and IMAX movies being able to create a three dimensional acoustic experience.

Listen with headphones

Hob Hey Wood

  • Hob Hey Wood sat at the picnic bench near the stream on our left. What sounds like distant music is the jet skis and motorboats on the Weaver navigation

Castle Park

  • Castle Park facing Park House with the main A56 road behind the direction of view.